Visitacion, Florendo

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Großmeister Florendo Visitacion

Vee Arnis Jitsu (1910-1999)

"Professor Vee"
In North Providence, Rhode Island ( 401-353-9601 ) Grand Master-Professor Richard Petronelli continues these teachings of Grand Supreme Master - Professor Vee with the assistance of Masters Albert Bonillo, Bruce DiTraglia, Chris Sparling, Victor Fugere and Sensei Marc Bochner. (Born June 7, 1910 Bacarra, Illocos Norte, Phillippines Died Jan. 1999). Florendo Visitacion was born June 7th, 1910 in Barrio of Bacarra, Illocos in the North Phillipine Islands.

At the age of 10 years old Florendo became interested in the martial arts. He began to learn Chinese, Japanese, and Hindu styles from his older brother and uncle who were students of the Phillipine travelling martial artists. There were no dojo's as we know them today, so the Phillipne masters would travel the countryside in order to give demonstrations and seminars on their various techniques and styles. This method of teaching holds true even in these modern days throughout the United States as martial artists and schools hold seminars and demonstrations trying to develop a following or incorporate their style(s) with others for uniqueness.

In 1926 Florendo Visitacion spent 2 years on the Hawaiian Islands and then relocated to America in 1928. While serving in World War II, Florendo studied under Sargeant Charles Nelson - who still remains active teaching in Manhattan at the Sigwoods Sports Academy in Manhattan teaching hand to hand combat techniques for the Military Police. Florendo's education included attending High School at Boro Hall Academy in Brooklyn, Long Island University for one year, and then a summer course in Liberal Arts at Pace College of Business in Manhattan. Quoting ancient, biblical, and contemporary proverbs, Florendo lives by them. If a proverb serves his needs and offers an opportunity of learning to expand his mind, then he will grasp it, squueze every ounce of wisdom from it, and if necessary embellish on it, adjust and adapt it to his personal approach - both to his life and martial arts. An avid reader and constantly striving for more knowledge of the martial arts, Florendo believed that "one should not place all his eggs in one basket". Practicing this philosophy, Florendo " carried to the market gingerly with care and ability to see it gets to the market in one piece " a style of martial arts combining Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Goshin Jitsu, Aikido, American Jiu Jitsu, American Combat Jiu Jitsu, Gung Fu, and American and British stlye hand to hand combat. Additionally, understanding the body function and nerve system Florendo interfaced compatable techniques that produced the most devastating effects on an opponent which resulted into a system called "Vee Jitsu Ryu Jujitsu" later known as Vee Jitsu. This " system of systems " was widely accepted in the New York City during the 1950s and early 1960s as Instructor Visitacion began teaching to select students.

On February 6, 1966, Master Visitation was presented with a Godan (5th Dan) certificate from the American Jujitsu Institute. He also has certificates indicating him to be a Master Instructor of Arnis and Kali, and a "Master of the Esoteric Principles of Okazaki Jujitsu and Judo." As the founder of the Vee Jitsu systems, he was presented a Judan (10th Dan) certificate and has been recognized throughout the martial arts community not only as a master of Jujitsu but an innovative instructor as well. Constantly refining his jujitsu system, in 1975 Florendo began adding elements of Filipino stick fighting into the Visitacion arts. In 1990, at age 80 and after more than 70 years in the study of the martial arts, Florendo Visitacion was requested to serve as a member of the World Headmasters Council, an international governing body of recognized Grand Masters, whose purpose is to provide recognition to legitimate heirs and masters of martial arts. To this day Master Visitacion remains in a constant state of learning, and subsequently his Vee Jitsu system is constantly growing and being refined. Principles of the Visitacion Arts: Attack the attacker, not the attack, Closest weapon to closest target ,Attack weakness, not strength Maximum effectiveness with minimum effort , As little damage as possible, as much as necessary . No set pattern in deflections, strikes, locks or responses - each situation requires its own unique approach.This proverb by Confucius has been used to describe the learning and teaching methods of Professor and Master Instructor Florendo Visitacion: "He who claims to know all is a fool, for his learning has ceased; He who knows naught and knows he knows naught is the enlightened one; For his wisdom will be great."

A proud father and grandfather, Florendo Visitacion presently resides in Manhattan where he continues to provide guidance to his generations of students. Today the teaching of Vee Arnis Jitsu is not only in New York City, but also in locations throughout the northeast, mid-west, southwest, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. Some of Professor Vee's senior students are: Moses Powell, David James, Robert Cooper, Calvin Myers,Frank Edwards Sr., Frank Edwards Jr., Gary R. Cooper, Thurman Miller, Johnny Davis, and Sugar Crossen and Jose Valez.