Villasin, Jose

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Jose Villasin (deceased) was a lawyer and labor leader. He and his wife Juliana had fourteen children, only four of whom were boys, two of whom are surviving, Joey and John. As a lawyer and officer of the Allied Labor Union laborers respected his intellectual skills but dockhands also understood brutal force, physical violence and raw power. He tried to organize his course by making mimeographed notes for his students. Thus, his attempt to organize the thought process of the Grandmaster by dissecting and breaking down the art into understandable and digestible morsels for beginners. It was an outline with sketchy descriptions of moves. It was under  the personalized tutelage of Joe Villasin that the author had a quick start and understanding of the basics, intermediate and advanced study of eskrima. Villasin's study simplified the explanations for quicker understanding. Purists dismiss his attempt as a corruption of the Grandmaster's thoughts. This was in fact the very first attempt to reduce Bacon's art into writing. He was in fact a great teacher - soft spoken, gentle and always with a ready smile. It was wrong to underestimate his portly stature. He was strong as a bull but graceful and agile in his moves. It was wrong to misjudge his self-deprecating humor and easy smile. Beneath his humility was great confidence and conviction in his ability in his art. Villasin was president of the Balintawak International Self Defense Club and the writer was Vice president. At the time the club was called "international", it was more in playful humor since there was actually nothing of any international flavor. Only Teddy Buot was in the United States. Even then Teddy did not particularly ally himself with Villasin and Velez who, presumably, he took to be heretics. The use of the word "international" has proven to be a elf-fulfilling prophecy. Balintawak has since gone international with Bobby Taboada traveling worldwide holding seminars and organizing Balintawak clubs the world over.