Pasa, Abner

QUICK STICK  ---   Ihr Spezialist für philippinische Kampfsportarten

Grandmaster rank from the late GM Eulogio Canete Sr., President and founding member of Doces Pares Club in 1987
· GM rank in Eskrima and Arnis form NARAPHIL, the national associtation of eskrima-kali-arnis clubs in the country, in 1989

· Black Belt 11th degree Doce Pares Club, 1988

· President, Institiute of Philippine Martial Arts of Cebu, Inc.

· Secretary-General of the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation, 1989-1992

· Director, World Eskrima kali Arnis Generation, 89-92

· Chairman, Education and Training Committee, World Eskrima kali Arnis Federation, 89-92

· Director, NARAPHIL, 1990 to present

· Coordinator, 1st Word Eskrima Instructors Seminar, 1987

· Director, Doce Pares Club, Inc. 1988 and 1991

· Vice President, Doce Pares Club., 1889

· Vice President, Escalibur Style 1974-1979