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Article 1- Protective Equipment:

Headguard with an adjustable strap to fit all head sizes. It shall fully cover the face and head with flaps to protect the neck and the back of the head.

"Optional" body protective jacket can be worn by the competitors to cover the entire body down to the knees. The jacket should cover the legs above the knee with sufficient foam padding in front and on the sides.

Shoulder protection, which covers the clavicle, chest, and shoulder blade.

Shin protectors, which covers the knees down to the instep and should be made of hard plastic.

Protective cup.

Hockey gloves which covers the hand and wrist. Glove must have a steel or hard plastic thumb.

Forearm guard, which must begin at wrist and cover completely just below the elbow.

Elbow guard, which shall be made of durable, hard plastic.

Shoulder guard, which shall be made of a durable, hard plastic.

Article 2- Weapon Specifications:

Length should not be more than 31 inches.

Diameter should not be more than 7/8 to 1 inch.

Weight should be no more than 6.5 ounces.

Article 3- Duration of contest:

The duration of the contest shall be three rounds of thirty (30) seconds with thirty (30) seconds rest between rounds.

Article 4- In the event of a tie:

In the event of a tie, a fourth round for one minute will commence. This will determine a winner.

In the tie-breaker round, the 10-point (round) scores will be discarded and the match will be awarded by the following method:

The fighter who makes the first contact to the head, without receiving any contact, is declared the winner.

Article 5- Disqualification:

Any competitor under the influence of prohibited drugs such as stimulants, steroids, hormone-like substances, alcohol, marijuana, opiates, and the like, will be disqualified.

Disqualification: A competitor who continuously commits a prohibited act shall be disqualified by the referee after three warnings; except on clearly exceptional fouls, in which case the referee shall automatically disqualify the erring player or upon consultation with the judges.

Default: Any competitor who fails to appear three minutes after the final announcement of his or her name during the contest shall be declared in default.

Technical Disqualification: Any competitor or his official committing a grave "technical foul" on an opponent or official in the contest area shall be declared in a "Technical Disqualification."

Foul language, loud and unnecessary noise making, and/or any distraction resulting in the interference of the fighters.

Article 6- Judgment Of Scoring:

The contest shall be decided by a panel of four judges. Their decision shall be final and unappealable. The referee will have no input on the scoring.

The card keeper will then collect the scorecards from the judges and hand the cards to the scorekeeper. After checking the scorecards, the scorekeeper will announce the decision.

Article 7- Grappling:

A competitor can not apply any form of grappling, sweeps, flips, throws, tripping and body checking if he or she has taken full power sweeps to the head, arm, hand or leg.

"Entry must be clean without contact."

First foul: Warning

Second foul: Point deduction

Third foul: Disqualification





The appropriate division that a competitor shall be contingent upon the competitors' experience.

Article 8- Men and Women Fighting Divisions:

Beginners- pending enough entrees.



Guro level


Article 9- One handed Techniques with stick:

Jabbing-Any strike which is retracted is considered a jab.

Upper tip thrust-(front of face and stomach only).

Lower tip thrust-(front of face only).

Sweeps-A strike which is followed through and passes to the opposite side.

Hooking with the upper tip.

Punching with the hand holding the stick.

Article 10- Two handed Techniques with stick:

Spearing-thrusting with the upper tip-(front of face only).

Butting-thrusting with the lower tip-(front of face only).

Push hit-hitting with the middle portion of the stick, body only.

Article 11- Empty Hand Techniques:

Punching with the empty hand.

Head butting, body checking, and elbowing.

Kneeing - (to stomach only).

Kicking and Foot Sweeps

Take-downs and throws- Must be executed with stick in hand without receiving any contact.

* " See article 7."

Article 12- Illegal Techniques:

No strikes towards the groin, feet, neck, ankle, back of head, back of legs, or anywhere in the spinal cord area.

No thrusting (of any kind) to the sternum, rib cage, chest, neck, groin, etc… "see illegal tech".


Article 1- Protective Equipment;

Fencing mask.

Chest guard- "optional."

Shin guard- "optional."

Shoulder protection- "optional."

Protective cup.

Forearm guard.

Elbow guard- "optional."

A padded glove which covers the hand and fingers.



Article 2- Uniforms:

Competitors are required to wear clean black uniforms or black loose-fitting clothing. T-shirts must be either plain or with school's logo; any other logo is not allowed.

All participants are required to wear either wrestling or martial arts shoes without spikes, cleats, or heels.

Hair should be cut in such a manner as not to interfere with vision.

If a competitor's hair interferes with vision, the coach/assistant coach has to correct this with a warning. A second occurrence will result in a point deduction. If a third incident occurs, the competitor in question will be disqualified.

All competitors must be clean, presenting a tidy appearance, and must, if possible, be clean-shaven.

No metal straps, buckles, necklaces, jewelry of any kind, or any other object which may cause injury to either competitor, will be worn.

Article 3- The first cut rule:

If there is a tie at the end of the third round, the competitor who scored first will be the winner.

Article 4- Competitors:

Each applicant has been duly registered as a competitor and has paid-in-full by contest time.

Each applicant is physically fit to compete, as certified by a licensed, medical practitioner from the applicant's locality or origin.

Each competitor understands and excepts the rules he or she has been given.

Article 5- Duration of contest:

The duration of the contest shall be three rounds of thirty (30) seconds with thirty (30) seconds rest between rounds.

Article 6- Clashes:

When a match is in progress and the judges decide that both competitors make simultaneous contact, this will constitute a clash and neither competitor is awarded a point. If there are more than three clashes, the match is then determined by the 1st cut rule.

If the fighters do not have a point, then the judges will decide based on footwork, technical delivery and activity.

Article 7- Disarming:

When a competitor loses or drops the knife.

First disarm- point is awarded to the other competitor.

Second disarm- point deduction.

Third disarm- loss of round.

Fourth disarm- lose the match.

Article 8- Knife Specifications:

Must be an Almar rubber knife.

Length should not be more than 11 1/2 inches.

Article 9- Divisions:

The appropriate division that a competitor will be placed shall be contingent upon the competitors' experience listed on the registration sheet.

Article 10- Fighting Divisions:

Beginners-pending enough entrees.



Guro level

Article 11- Legal Techniques:

Thrusts- upper tip only.

Slashes- side of blade only.

Hooking- upper tip only.

Jabbing- side or upper tip only.

Article 12- Illegal Techniques:

Kicking, kneeing, punching, elbowing, foot sweeps, take-downs or throws.