Llanos, Uldarico

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Born in 1926 in Sibonga, Cebu, Uldarico Poldeng" Llanos had a passion for hand-to-hand combat at a   very early age. He learned the rudiments of Eskrima from his elder brother the former Governor of Davao del Sur Nonito Llanos. He finished college at the    University of San Carlos, Cebu City. Right after college, he went to boot camp in Floridablanca to train as probationary second    lieutenant of the Philippine Army. After the Army training, Poldeng went to Jimenez, Misamis Oriental to teach Physics at the St. John the Baptist College. It was in this school that he was hitched by a fellow teacher who later became Mrs. Uldarico Llanos. While in Jimenez he learned of another Cebuano         Eskrimador residing just 20 kms. away in Ozamiz       City. Grandmaster Jose D. Caballero of De Campo 1-2-3- Orihinal was his first formal mentor in the Art of Eskrima Largo Mano. Poldeng along with ten other co-teachers of St. John the Baptist spent the weekend in Malaubang district of Ozamiz City to study from the one  time Juego Todo duelist and champion. They later arranged for GM Caballero  to come to Jimenez for a more regular training  schedule. He remembers fondly calling the De Campo inventor as Noy "Otek". Poldeng recalls GM Caballero as a stickler for hard training and would not hesitate to drop a student if he cannot keep up with the gruelling pace. He trained with Noy Otek in 1957 up to 1959. A few years later, he met a Japanese businessman he recalls only by the first name Shogu. Shogu taught him aikido and jiu jitsu. When he moved to Manila he taught aikido at the De La Salle University and at the same time cross-trained in   Modern Arnis with Pat Gonzales. As time went by he blended the salient techniques of Aikido, Jiu jitsu, Modern Arnis and De Campo. He has also infused  some of the effective techniques of Balintawak    Eskrima into his stick fighting style. While on a business trip to the U.S. in 1986-87 he taught part time to Filipino expats and a few American friends.     Still in top shape at 76 years old, Uldarico "Poldeng" Llanos teaches to a few enthusiastic students and police officers in his hometown Sibonga.