Dowd, Steven

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Punong Guro at Tagapagmana Steven K. Dowd
I commenced my training in the martial arts in 1971. I was appointed by the Aguillon family upon their fathers passing away on January 8, 1991 to represent the art of Arnis Balite. Pundador Manuel M. Aguillon was very selective in his teachings and often refused to teach individuals who did not have the attitude, discipline, or the spirit represent his families art Being his senior student I wish to carry on his beliefs and the art as he would have done so himself. In Arnis Balite Pundador Aguillon did not have a belt ranking system but had levels and then steps.  Punong Guro Head Teacher
Pundador Founder/GrandMaster
Arnis Balite - Filipino Art of Hand, Foot, & Stick Fighting
Appointed Inheritor/Sa Pinuno
Sa Pinuno 1973 - Present
KUNTAW - Filipino Art of Hand & Foot Fighting
Master 1971 - Present