Concon, Cederic

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Cedric A. Cocon was born in Dumaguete City, Philippines on the island of Negros Oriental in the Central Visayas region on September 12, 1961. He emigrated to the United States with his parents and brothers and sisters in 1968 when he was 7 years old. Cedric has lived in San Francisco for about 26 years where he went to St.Monica's school, Sacred earth High School, and San Francisco State University. He moved to Pinole in August 1994. In 1980 Cedric attended his first Escrima class. This is when he met instructor Rene Latosa, founder and Chief Instructor for the Latosa Escrima System, then called Phillipine Martial Arts Society. Cedric was naturally attracted to the art. He was a member of the demonstration team where they performed demonstrations throughout the state of California. Cedric received his Instructor level certificate from Rene Latosa in 1982 and has been teaching since then. He fought his first full-contact escrima tournament in 1983 and immediately was captivated with the intensity and realism which these competitions gave him. Since then, Cedric has fought most of the major tournaments in the national and international arenas. Cedric also serves as an advisor to Rene Latosa's organization in Europe, Latosa Escrima, for rules, regulations and procedures in Full-Contact Tournament Fighting. Cedric has developed an introductory video to full-contact stick fighting which is available from ESPY-TV (Video #8).