Canete, Dionisio (Diony)

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Grandmaster Dionisio " Diony " Canete started his training in Eskrima in 1946 at age 8. The youngest son of Eulogio Canete, the principal organizer of Doce Pares, he first learned the sudiment of the art from his father and three elder brothers. In later years, he studied with his uncles Felimon and Ciriaco and at about and during this time cross-trained with the other notable masters of the oraganization. His long association with his teachers gave Diony the opportunity to acquire substantial knowledge of the different individual style of the masters. But it was in the early 1970's that Doce Pares reached a new height of popularity and recognition, in the process ushering in a new era in the history of the Filipino art. Diony, who was then elected as member of the executive council of the Doce Pares had concieved the idea of developing a formal sparring competition of Eskrima, which he thought would not only fasttrack the promotion and growth of the art but would also put to an end the so called " Death Matches ", the tradtional full contact sparring among Eskrimadors without the use of any protective gears. To pursue his plan, Diony personally write and drafted the tournament rules (still the same rules in force today) and likewise designed and produced the protective headgear,body protector and hand gloves which were used during the historic first National Eskrima Championship held in March 1979 in Cebu City. To recap his achievements.

In March, 1976, as first President of Cebu Eskrima Association and Commissioner of the National Arnis Association of the Philippines ( NARAPHIL he organized the first National Arnis Festival in Cebu City;- In April, 1976, wrote and drafted the tournament rules of Eskrima Arnis competition on and also designed and produced the full contact protective headgears,body jackets and hand gloves.Patents and trademark of these equipment are duly registered under his name or original designer. - In March, 1979 organized the historic First National Arnis Eskrima Kali Championship in Cebu City. - In January, 1987 was elected as President of the National Arnis Association of the Philippines ( NARAPHIL ). - In August, 1989 organized the first World Eskrima Kali Arnis Championship in Cebu City, Philippines. The World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation ( WEKAF ) was formed during this event. And he was elected as its first President. - In June, 1996 after an interval of two terms he was again elected as President of WEKAF during the 5TH World Championship and Congress in Los Angeles, CA The foregoing achievements only reflect Diony's high educational background demonstrated early during his student days when he was a consistent topnotcher in his class - - Finished his Bachelor of Laws ( LLB ) as Valedictorian - Finished his Bachelor of Arts (AB ) as Valedictorian - Passed the Bar Examinations following his graduation and became a lawyer at age 22 in 1961.