Buot, Teddy

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Teddy Buot is the oldest son of Ricaredo Buot and Remedios Abellana. He was born on July 1,1931 at Cebu City. Although trained as a mechanical and electrical engineer, he too has been fascinated by the deep sophistication of the art of eskrima. He, in great probability, has spent more time in eskrima than in engineering. Today in his retirement, he is deeply engaged in teaching the art. He keeps himself fit playing basketball with young Filipinos.
Teddy studied under Anciong Bacon starting in 1959 and was his head instructor until his departure for the United States in 1974. I know the old man had a tender spot in his heart for Teddy. He does not call himself Grandmaster, neither have Villasin and Velez.

Teddy now lives with his wife the former Denny Sanchez in Southfield, Michigan. After his departure for the US, Ted's brother-in-law Arturo Sanchez has since taken over as head instructor of Bacon's school. Ted was like an elder brother to the author. He followed in his footsteps in the art of eskrima. Both were fascinated by the high bars, both lifted home made weights from concrete molded in clay pots and both graduated from the foul-smelling gloves that were available in the deprived neighborhood. The writer remembers him riding his motorcycle in a slow, confident and proud rumble down Katipunan Street. Family disagreements (which none of the kids remember), age difference, studies outside the province of Cebu and Teddy's eventual move to the US, kept them apart. Even being in the US still keeps them apart. Ted lives in Michigan while Sam lives in Phoenix. Eskrima is proving to be the bond bringing them together. If there is anyone who can claim himself as heir to Anciong's style, Teddy can rightfully claim himself as the standard bearer of the purist Balintawak style eskrima.