Baraw-Sugbu, Gregorio

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Indeed very few practitioners of the Art of Eskrima  nowadays specialize only in one facet of a complex   fighting system ranging from solo baston, doble   baston, espada y daga, pangamot-the entire gamut  of the Filipino Martial Arts. One such rare master is  Gregorio "Goyong" Ceniza of Mandaue City, Cebu.   GM Goyong specializes only in the deadly business of knifefighting, period. Baraw Sugbu formerly    known as Arnis Diablo traces its lineage to the patriarch of Cebuano Doce Pares the Great Grandmaster Lorenzo Saavedra. Saavedra taught a distinct brand of knifefighting that he shared to only a few choosen disciples. One of  Saavedra's proteges a certain Simo later passed on  the methodology to Lucresio Okit Albano who    became later Goyong Ceniza's mentor in Baraw  Sugbu.   The system was so secret that GM Ceniza says  they used to practice under a cloak of blanket to  screen the deadly drills. One of GM Ceniza's top students was the late Aproniano "Rene" Capangpangan who also later became the mentor of Dr. Ned Nepangue.