Balicki, Ron

QUICK STICK  ---   Ihr Spezialist für philippinische Kampfsportarten

Ron  Balicki

Primary Style: Jeet kune do
Rank: Instructor
Style(s): Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino Kali, Lameco Escrima, Thai Boxing, Shoot Wrestling, Savate, Maphilindo Silat, Wing Chun

Ron has trained under Sifu Dan Inosanto since 1984. Ron taught at and managed the Inosanto Academy for several years. Ron has fought Pro Shoot in Japan. Ron teachs seminars around the world and has written a book on JKD the principals of a complete fighter and has knife self-defense videos available on my web page

Additional Information:
Ron Balicki is a former law enforcement officer and teach Police and anti terrorist groups around the world.

List of affiliated organizations:
  Shooto (Shoot Wrestling) USA
  Inosanto Academy
  Degerberg Academy