Alland, Greg

QUICK STICK  ---   Ihr Spezialist für philippinische Kampsportarten

P. Greg Alland Certified Master of Kali Silat. Master Alland over 28 years in Kali Silat, has conducted over one thousand, seminars, workshops, demonstrations and lectures in Kali Silat for businesses, organizations, schools, colleges and universities world wide. He helped to start the development of Pekiti-Tirsia Germany, Sweden and is working on Italy now. He sponsors a cable program, "The Martial Arts Today" on cable television and produced 15 videos on Kali Silat. He owns tapes on Pekiti Tirsia, and Doce Pares Systems and in Pencak Silat on Lanka Empat by the late Suryadi Jafri from Indonesia. His 5 tape video support gives you the opportunity to learn the system of Philippine / Indonesian Martial Arts with the masters and grand masters some with over 50 years in Kali Silat. His seminars throught Europe and the US have been some of the most attended in history with as many as 180 people in one program and hundreds in several others. He founded SinaTirsiaWali concept of Kali Silat and offers a Instructor Candidate Program via Video and Online at, phone 917 535 5354,